William Tweed: Hiking gadgets dull the experience of being in nature

But as is so often the case, being able to do something doesn’t automatically mean that it is a good idea. That’s the way I’ve come to feel about back-country electronics. I go into the wilderness to spend time in a different world, not merely to extend the one I have at home.

William Tweed talks about using electronic devices while on the trail or in the wilderness. Yes, they have their benefits. But there are potential negatives to using these devices that need to be considered as well.

I enjoy, but limit, the electronic devices I carry when hiking. Some of these devices help record the trip for you and others to enjoy the trip at a later time.

Cameras can take photos and record video while enjoying interesting aspects of the adventure. GPS devices allow others to know where you are and can be used to get back to the same location in the future.

But, as William Tweed warns, don’t allow the use of these electronic gadgets distract you from properly preparing and conducting your hike. Your safety should be top priority.

Do you use electronic gadgets as you are hiking? What are the positive and negative benefits you receive from them?


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